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October 15, 2008


Pick your own linen rose brooch | LinenMe

In the times of credit crunch everyone is looking for inventive ways to update their wardrobe. If you do have several jerseys or jackets that look slightly tired but are still perfectly wearable, why not try and refresh them by adding a small accessory, such as a fabric brooch?

LinenMe has a range of beautiful handmade rose brooches on offer; the colour palette ranges from natural linen shades to playful lime green, from pure white to vibrant bright red.

The rose can also be added to your handbag, a scarf or even pinned to your hat. The good news is that, unlike the majority of fabric brooches, these linen roses have a firm shape and do not loose it that easily.

You can also use this handmade linen accessory to decorate your dining table. Just make sure your guests remove the roses before tucking in – they are not edible!