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5 Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Linen Bed Linen

* Obvious as it sounds – read the care labels when preparing to launder your linen bed linen for the first time. It’s surprising how little of us actually do this! Care labels always provide the specific instructions for caring for your linen bedlinen based on the weaving type, thread count, colors and other things. Laundering instructions may appear to be the same as of other bed linen you have, but it takes only few seconds to make sure.

* Make sure you know your wash machine settings. Not all wash machines are created the same way and have the same functions. There can be specific settings to wash linen fabric items easily. If you do not know the laundry symbols on the panel or just forgot what they mean do some research to find out. You can avoid costly mistakes or/and wash your linen bedding with better care. Being aware of how exactly to handle your linen bed linen or linen table linen or linen bathroom linen in the wash machine helps to prevent shrinkage and maintain the original high quality of your linens.

* Do not overload the wash machine with your laundry. The damage that occurs is twofold. 1) The linen bedding does not have enough space to move around in the machine and this results in compacting the very dirt that has been removed while washing back in to the linen, 2) Over stuffing the machine makes it work harder to get through the cycle and this shortens its working life.

* Maintaining your linen home textile in the same high quality as you purchased also depends a great deal on the type of laundry detergent you use. Some detergents contain harsh cleaning materials that may damage your linen bed linen or linen table linen by causing the colors to fade. Therefore: a) Use more gentle detergents and b) Do not use too much detergent.

* Linen bedlinen as other linen products can be dried in a dryer. But it is important not to over dry them as this lessens their durability and causes colors to fade. To maintain your linens in best shape, preserve the colors and fabric; just remember to get your linen bed linen from the dryer when they are still slightly damp. So do not keep linen in the dryer for longer than necessary.

Proper care is vital for your linen bedlinen to keep their luxurious appearance and feel you bought them for in the first place. So do not shorten the life and quality of our high quality bed linen by neglecting them in washing process. Try these tips the next time you wash your luxury linen.


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