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8 LinenMe Linen Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is on and everyone is now starting to feel the pressure of choosing and buying Christmas gifts. And not only buying but picking the right ones – so not to repeat last year’s gift, so to suit the tastes of the receiver, so to suit the budget, so to make the receiver happy or so to make an impression :)

As we are sincere believers in linen and consider ourselves practical people, we dare to advise you to choose all the gifts from one place! From LinenMe shop! And we are 100% sure you will find a linen gift for everyone here. Need a gift for sister, mother or close friend? Need one for your boss, yoga teacher or teacher of your kid? Look for something for your mother-in-law, aunt or nanny? Save your time and effort – check our shop!

To help you with ideas, we put together a list of ideas of what to give to whom. We count on it to give you inspiration :) So read on!

1. Mother or Mother-in-law will be astonished by a luxurious bed linen set you give. Choose a classic pattern for calm and classic mother and more vibrant colors for contemporary and daring mothers.

2. Father, Brother or that in-law will be delighted by quality huckaback bathroom towels!

3. Your close will give you kisses for a linen dress or tunic or a gorgeous linen scarf.

4. Not-so-close friends and relatives will really appreciate a set of linen table linen – maybe some linen napkins or even a tablecloth.

5. Your aunt, cousin or colleague will be grateful for linen table runners or a linen scarf.

6. A teacher of your child, a nanny or a hairdresser will be happy with a pure linen tea towel or two.

7. For those whom you need a small but beautiful gift, consider a linen basket or linen bath glove.

8. Your boss will be really impressed by top quality wool throw or linen tablecloth or even a set of linen napkins!

Give yourself a minute, think of those whom you will give a gift and decide what suits whom. It’s so easy to buy all you need from one shop – save yourself lots of time and spend it with your kids instead! Merry Christmas!


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