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DIY Beauty Hacks Using Natural Fibres

Each and every woman loves taking care of their health and beauty. Unfortunately, trying to look your best the whole time can be quite pricy. That is why we decided to help all you out a bit with a few DIY beauty hacks for taking care of yourself on a cheaper basis.


Linen face cloths

Linen is quite a firm fabric. It is also known for its benefits to your skin. Linen is great for exfoliation because of its firmness. Linen cloths are a thing you can make yourself and save a lot of money. Grab a pair of scissors, a piece of linen fabric and get to work! Cut the fabric into square pieces that are sized about twice the size of your face. When washing your face simply grab the linen cloth instead of a soft towel and brush your face with a little pressure. It will help exfoliate your skin and remove the dead skin cells.

Natural cotton wax strips

Cotton is great for your skin and we mean it. It is soft, it does not cause any irritation and, usually, it is hypoallergenic. For these reasons cotton is simply great for depilation. If you want to avoid those red spots and skin irritation try changing the usual pricy wax strips into strips of cotton. You can make them yourself from any piece of unused fabric just make sure it is not dyed a lot. Simply cut the fabric into narrow strips and use them as regular wax strips.

Cotton face mask

When speaking about cotton it is important to remember that it is a very breathable and soft material. For this reason cotton is great as a mask for your face. Just cut an oval face-sized shape out of any undyed unused cotton fabric, cut out pieces for the eyes and mouth and make a few cuts for the mask to surround your nose. Apply your favourite lotion, moisturizer or any other type of facial cream and put the mask on. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes for higher absorbency.

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