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Top Tips to Help You Care for Your Wool This Autumn

As temperatures drop and the days draw in it’s time to reach for the cosy woollies. If you’ve had your winter woolen clothes and throws stored away over the warmer months, now’s the time to dig them out.

Not sure how to care for your wool garments? We will show you how to make sure they look beautiful and last as long as possible, with these simple tips:

How to care for your wool garments

Revitalise and refresh

You might want to give things that have been stored away a bit of a refresh before you use them. A quick soak in tepid water and air-drying (as explained below) will pep up any blankets or sweaters. If your wool items are tumble-dryer safe, bung them in on the ‘air’ and ‘gentle’ settings for a perfect fluff-up.

How to wash wool

With wool, just as with linen, it’s crucial to follow the instructions on the item’s care label. If something is marked as dry clean only, try to restrict the number of times you have it cleaned as this will prolong its life. For things that require hand washing, make sure you turn them inside out first. Wash in lukewarm water with a suitable mild detergent (like this fab-looking, treaty one from The Laundress). Gently swish the garment in the water – no rubbing or pulling as this will ruin it – and then soak for 10 minutes. Once it’s had time to soak, rinse a couple of times and press to get rid of extra water. But don’t wring. A light touch is needed here.

Where the care label states an item is machine-washable (yay!) use the ‘wool’ or ‘delicate’ cycle and a gentle detergent.

How to dry wool

Take your damp woollie and place it flat on a towel. Gently roll this up (think woolly Swiss roll) and let the towel soak up any excess moisture. Carefully unroll it and lay the item flat on a drying rack, or keep on the towel and lay flat out in the sun. Resist the urge to peg or hang it as you will end up with a misshapen, lumpy mess. Some gentle reshaping is fine – and you can even stretch the wool if you want the garment to be a bit bigger.

Removing stains from wool

Speed and precision are required to prevent a spillage becoming a stain. Spot clean as soon as possible using a small blob of wool detergent. Work the soap inwards so you don’t spread the stain. For stubborn marks try a dab of eucalyptus oil.

How to store woolen items

When the time comes to put your woollies away it’s essential to make sure they are clean. Moths and silverfish feed on sweat and stains, and will spend a happy time devouring your precious blankets or jumpers unless you protect them. Once clean and completely dry, fold each item and place in a sealed bag. Add a lavender or herbal bag to keep the beasties away. We’ve had success with a mixture of dried rosemary, dried lavender and cedar strips, simply poured into small cloth bags. These also keep your things smelling delicious.

How to care for your wool garments

Follow these hints and your woolen throws, socks, sweaters, scarves and whatever other precious goodies you have feeling soft and looking gorgeous all winter long. If you’re looking for some new blankets to up the cosy levels this autumn, we are really excited about Linenme’s newly launched range of cashmere throws. Divine. Now you can snuggle in style!

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