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Take It Slow, the Wild Swimming Way

With the ever-increasing pace of modern life, many of us are turning to the outdoors as a way of slowing down and enjoying simpler pleasures. Wild swimming is becoming an increasingly popular way to connect with Nature and enjoy a different way of being outside. We thought we’d see what all the fuss is about.

wild swimming lake

What is wild swimming?

The loose definition of wild swimming is any open water swimming, whether a lido or an ocean, but different people have different takes on the precise requisite for a stretch of water to be classed as ‘wild’. Basically, if you are under the sky, not a roof, you are wild swimming.

Who does it?

Anyone, from the young to the old, can wild swim, as long as you can swim safely. People of all ages have enjoyed splashing about in rivers, paddling in the sea or doing laps in the local lido for centuries – perhaps even as long as humankind has been walking we have been playing in water.

Why do it?

There are many benefits to be had from swimming in cool, open water:

  • A sense of adventure
  • Connection to Nature and the rhythm of the water, which can help you unwind and relax
  • Cold water swimming burns more calories than swimming in warm water
  • Boosts immune system
  • Lifts the spirits as it raises endorphins
  • Seawater has been used as a therapy for centuries (thalassotherapy)
  • Boosts circulation and makes you feel alive
  • Allows us time to play and slow down
  • Relieves muscle aches
  • It’s free (usually)!

sea swim


How do I swim wild?

Safety is paramount when swimming in open water, especially if there are no lifeguards present or you are in an isolated area. The Outdoor Swimming Society website has a brilliant section all about how to stay safe, so make you check it, or something similar, out before you set off. You also need to check whether you are permitted to access a particular stretch of water, and what the water quality is like.

What do I need?

It’s sensible to take someone with you in case you get into trouble, but you really don’t need much kit. For very cold water you might want a wetsuit, but you can just take a decent towel (something lightweight and highly absorbent that is easy to carry). A flask of hot drink to warm you up is useful. A woolly blanket makes a great warmer-upper and later it can be somewhere you can stretch out on to enjoy the peace and the tingly feeling of having swum outdoors. For safety, a mobile phone and first aid kit is a good idea.

wild swim river

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8 LinenMe Linen Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is on and everyone is now starting to feel the pressure of choosing and buying Christmas gifts. And not only buying but picking the right ones – so not to repeat last year’s gift, so to suit the tastes of the receiver, so to suit the budget, so to make the receiver happy or so to make an impression :)

As we are sincere believers in linen and consider ourselves practical people, we dare to advise you to choose all the gifts from one place! From LinenMe shop! And we are 100% sure you will find a linen gift for everyone here. Need a gift for sister, mother or close friend? Need one for your boss, yoga teacher or teacher of your kid? Look for something for your mother-in-law, aunt or nanny? Save your time and effort – check our shop!

To help you with ideas, we put together a list of ideas of what to give to whom. We count on it to give you inspiration :) So read on!

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Christmas Gift Ideas – Linen Towels, Duvet Covers and Linen Bed Linen

Christmas time is coming! Shops are getting ready for the season, putting on their best decorations and stacking goods in large amounts. Maybe not yet, but soon people will start looking for gifts and high streets and shopping malls will get crowded and tiresome. So why not get ahead by buying top quality gifts – linen towels, linen bedding including linen duvet covers – early from the comfort of your own home?

The gift of pure linen bathroom towels is something that will be cherished for a long time – every time the person uses their towels they are reminded of you and your kindness. Linen hand & guest towels will adorn a bathroom when guests are there and will speak of taste and preference for quality of the owner. For those who like preparing meals and who spend lots of time in kitchen, a set of stylish linen tea towels is also a good gift idea.

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Linen Towels – a Perfect Choice for the Beach

A simple towel can make or break your day on the beach. We expect a beach towel would absorb moisture immediately and dry out quickly; we also want it to be lightweight and quite large for us to lie on; we also want it to be stylish and of beautiful design. And – surprise, surprise – pure linen towels have all those characteristics!

Linen towels willl absorb moisture and leave you dry in seconds, they will dry very quickly afterwards and become a perfect mat to lie on. Linen towels are extremely lightweight – easy to carry around in your beach bag. And they are in fashion! Made of natural flax fiber, linen beach towels have plenty of positive qualities and therefore are considered luxurious ones, so using one on the beach will say something about you, too. All this make linen towels irreplaceable for quality beach time.

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Meet Huckaback Linen Towels

Pure linen towels are considered a premium type of all bath towels. Why is that? Let’s get acquainted with huckaback linen towels which are the most popular choice.

The term huckaback means a special coarse weave of linen fabric (and cotton as well). It is employed mostly in the production of cloth towels (e.g. bath towels, kitchen towels). The relatively loose and uneven weave gives a special texture which results in a highly absorbent linen bath towel. This uneven surface has also micro-massaging effect for the skin. The origins huckaback weave can be traced back to the ancient textile traditions of Germany and Scandinavia.

Nowadays nearly every pure linen towel is produced using huckaback weave, because it proved to give a towel many qualities a functional piece of bathroom linen should have. Here are some of those features for you to judge: Read More