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5 Easy Ways to Create a Stunning Fall Tablescape

Despite the fact that in our part of the world we are experiencing a mini heatwave, our thoughts are turning to the Fall. We love this season shift, as the nights draw in and the evenings become chilly. There is such bounty in Fall: the ripe fruit hanging from the trees waiting to be eaten or preserved, the hedgerows swaying under the weight of juicy blackberries, the squash and pumpkins swelling above the soil. Then there’s all the thrills of Halloween, Thanksgiving (in the US) and Bonfire Night (in Britain). We find ourselves drawn to rituals that celebrate light in the face of the coming darkness of winter.

And so our thoughts turn to warming candle-lit one-pot suppers and family gatherings around the table. Whether you are hosting a seasonal celebration, like Thanksgiving, or just fancy bringing some of the beauty of Fall into your home, here are some easy ways to create a stunning Fall tablescape.

Forage for seasonal objects

autumn tablescape

This stunning arrangement from uses found seasonal objects to create a delightful table setting. Keep your eyes out for beautiful gourds, delicate quail’s eggs, pine cones, nuts and other seasonal items. Place them casually down the centre of the table, or use some as place-setting holders. You are aiming for a relaxed, informal look but be mindful of keeping room on the table for food and drink. Your guests may be charmed by your careful display of conkers, but you don’t want people having to rest their elbows on them. Think creatively – place small pumpkins on solid wooden candlesticks, or hollow out small logs and place a candle inside.

Be crafty

A simple way to create gorgeous place-setting cards is to gather some interestingly shaped leaves, then spray with gold paint and write your guest’s names in a fine black marker. Use nifty craft punches to make leaf-shaped confetti from brightly coloured leaves (a fun activity to do with kids).

Let your linen take centre stage

Table Linen

For a simple, pared-back table setting, use a plain tablecloth or runner as backdrop. Make a place-marker by twisting a sprig of rosemary or lavender with a feather and fixing with twine, then place on a beautifully crumpled, soft napkin. A properly Insta-worthy table, no?

Bring on the colour

One of the joys of Fall are the firey reds and deep jewel tones that Nature throws out. Capture some of this burst of colour by weaving some greenery around the table and dot with candles and shiny red apples. This works brilliantly against a simple white linen tablecloth. Chanel Snow White and the red apple.

Go wild

Throwing a party or feeding lots of people for a special occasion? Why not go a bit wild and make a loose, flowing wreath for your wall? Wind supple evergreen branches into a wreath shape and fix in place, leaving some strands unfurling and free. If you can work some dainty fruits, like physallis, into the greenery this will add some pops of colour. Quite a talking point.

And if you are panicking about the speed with which Thanksgiving is approaching, keep these ideas handy. They will be perfect for a Thanksgiving tablescape. Whether you are celebrating or not, take some inspiration from Nature and jump into Fall like you would a big pile of leaves.

If you are lucky enough to have warm weather still, make sure you plan some last-of-the-year picnics.

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