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5 Spring Cleaning Essentials to Make Your Home Sparkle, Naturally

If you’ve been gripped by the energy of renewal that Spring brings, you may be turning to your home and tackling those areas that are in need of some TLC. Brighter, sunnier days can show up smeary windows that have been curtained off throughout the Winter. Bulky woollies might need to be stored away, leaving space for fresh, lighter clothes. Now that you can throw open the windows those tired corners can get a lick of paint, and heavy drapes can be replaced by lightweight linen curtains. Spring cleaning needed be a massive task – just focussing for 15 minutes on each room can bring some Springtime sparkle into your house, and even the busiest of us can find this small amount of time for some sprucing. To get you inspired, here are 5 Spring cleaning essentials to put the fun back into housework and the beauty back into your cleaning cupboard.

1.Natural feather duster

Ostrich Feather Duster for Spring Cleaning

Made from super soft ostrich feathers, which contain oils that trap dust rather than just move it into the air, this duster is a beauty. Biodegradable and made from natural feathers, its eco-friendly game is also strong. To clean, simply shake off the excess dust and vacuum up. Really heavy dirt can be soaked off in a bowl of warm soapy water. This feather duster should keep going for years, saving you money and adding to your sustainability credentials.

2.Beeswax wood conditioner


Give some new life to your old chopping boards and wooden furniture and surfaces with a smooth rubbing of beeswax. Not only will it bring a lovely sheen to your wood, it will enhance its natural patina as well as protect it and help it last longer. The gorgeous natural scent will also fill your house with the joys of Nature, unlike the articificial-smelling alternatives. If you have concerns about the levels of pollutants and toxins in your home, particularly in areas used for preparing or eating food, beeswax is a great choice.

3.Dr Bronner’s Castille soap


This is such a versatile, cost-effective soap that we couldn’t live without it. You can wash practically anything – from your face to your dog – with this pure castille soap, and it makes a brilliant natural household cleaner. Simply dilute according to the instructions, and use on floors, in handwash and as a multi-purpose cleaner. It may seem pricey but one bottle goes a long way, and is a cheaper option than buying a range of different products.

4. Linen aprons for perfect Spring Cleaning

LinenMe linen aprons

Protect your clothes while you clean (and cook, garden, paint, wrestle with your kids’ art homework – pretty much anything) with a gorgeous linen apron. Available in two different lengths, these pure linen aprons will wash and wear brilliantly, lasting for years. The range of colours means there’s something for everyone, from lovers of rustic simplicity to a bright pop of colour. And the fabric is pre-washed so your apron will feel comfortable and soft from the moment you unwrap it.

5. Durable dustpan and brush

Dustpan and Brush for Spring Cleaning

We’ve lost count of the number of ugly plastic dustpans we’ve got through in the last few years – whether due to them snapping or being chomped by our puppy – and crave something solid and long-lasting like this dustpan by French craftsperson Andree Jardin. So nicely designed it could be hung in full view rather than tucked away in the broom cupboard, accompany this dustpan with a beech brush made by hand using traditional skills.

So there you have it, some beautiful products that are big on quality and sustainability, and that will help you bring some pizazz back into your home this Spring. For some more ideas on bringing joy and simplicity into your home go here and here.

Disclosure: We sometimes work with affiliated brands to bring you products that we think you will love. We would never recommend anything that we feel goes against our philosophy and values.

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