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6 Ways to Mark the Changing Season in Your Home

As summer turns gently into fall we’re thinking about different ways to mark the changing season in our homes. Fall brings with it spectacular displays of fiery red leaves, delicious autumnal vegetables, dew-spun cobwebs and hedgerows bursting with berries. Here’s 7 easy things you can do to bring some of this sense of bounty and colour into your home.

welcome fall in your home

1.Invest in new linen bedlinen

Why linen? Well, because it’s perfect for transitional seasons, regulating your body temperature so you always stay comfortable. Ideal for fall, when one minute the sun is shining and the next there’s a distinct chill in the air. Whilst in summer we’re all about whites and cool neutrals, fall brings a chance to add some warmth and texture to your home. A great way of doing this without the hassle of redecorating is simply to use some new bedlinen in earthy browns, jewel tones or rich greens to give a seasonal feel to your bedroom.

2.Create a nature table

fall nature table

Even if you don’t have young children this is a lovely way to notice and display things from Nature that catch your eye. Think acorns, pine cones, feathers, stunning leaves, interesting twigs and branches, pressed flowers and rosehips. As the season changes to winter you can gather more treasures to replace these and mark the cycles of Nature.

3.Store away your summer clothes

The ritual of putting away summer clothes and getting your warm-weather gear out of storage is like saying hello to old friends. Wash, dry and carefully fold your summer garments before storing in moth-proof, air-tight zipped bags. If you come across things you haven’t worn all season consider donating them to Goodwill or having a clothes swap. Linen clothes are naturally moth-repellant and will store well in a cool but not damp area – that is, if you can bear to be parted from them. Essential wardrobe staples that can be worn with layers throughout winter and into spring can stay.

4.Get baking

recipes for autumn - your home

In summer baking takes a bit of a back-seat to casual salads, stove top one-pot meals and easy lunches of bread, olives, cheese and tomatoes. If you enjoy cooking now’s the time to head back into the kitchen and get baking. From hot cinnamon buns to blackberry and apple crumble, autumn offers a wealth of delicious flavours and the cooler weather is a great excuse to break out the ingredients for some homely feasts.

5.Get outside

It’s tempting to hole up indoors once the evenings start getting cooler and darker. But it’s important to get fresh air and exercise when you can, so your body stays healthy and your mind gets the benefits of time away from work/ screens/ everyday stress. Go for a weekend hike, camp out (with lots of blankets and a good fire), swim in the sea (if it’s not too cold!), take a lunchtime walk. It’ll feed your soul.

6.Make your house cosy

hygge cozy home fall

Woollen blankets or throws are a fall must-have. Cuddle under one as you hunker down on the sofa in front of a box set, or drape an extra layer over your bedcovers for that in-between time when you’re not quite ready to get the winter duvet out. Light an autumn scented candle – choose smoky cedar wood, blackberry and woody juniper scents for a seasonal aroma. Find the perfect pair of slippers to keep your feet comfortable for the next few months. Treat yourself to a linen robe that will keep you snug without being too hot as the seasons turn.

How do you like to welcome in the new season in your home?

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