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7 Simple Hacks Using Linen to Create Stunning Interiors

Working with the beauty and texture of natural fabrics like linen can be a great way to add interest and style to a tired interior. Using fabric as a starting point can help you pull together a room, and it needn’t break the bank. We’ve found seven low-cost, simple tricks to incorporate linen into contemporary, stylish homes and create something truly stunning.

  1. DIY Wooden Pallet Bed

Rather than buying a brand new bed, try making your own using wooden palettes. This style of bed is all over interior websites and magazines thanks to the low-cost/ high visual impact. Create a rustic, inviting bedroom and finish it off with some sumptuous bedlinen.

  1. Cute and clever curtains

Stunning Interiors - linen curtains


Create a French country vibe by hanging linen curtains (or making your own from some beautiful fabric) in front of unsightly kitchen units. Linen is machine washable, so you can simply bundle the curtains in the wash every now and again to keep your kitchen sparkling. This tip also works brilliantly on a landing or in a bedroom to hide open shelving. Hang thick, wide linen curtains from chic metal rails and say goodbye to the clutter.

  1.  Upcycle a vintage trolley                                                                                                         (likekay via

If you love rummaging around antique markets why not hunt for something really unique, like one of these vintage trolleys? Painted and strewn with a linen runner, it makes a perfect (and portable) coffee table. You could also use it to store piles of colourful cushions or winter throws and make a feature of your amazing find.

  1.  Wood hanging rail                                                                                               (hailmercantile via

Getting organised in the kitchen needn’t mean stuffing utensils and linens in drawers. By hanging a piece of wood (foraged on a walk or salvaged from a beach) you can create a beautiful hanging rail. Simply add some metal hooks and gorgeous linen tea towels, and finish with some scented herbs or wooden utensils.

  1.  Stepladder shelves                                                                                  (via

An ordinary stepladder can be transformed into handy and super stylish shelving with just a lick of paint and some gorgeous plants or trinkets. Perfect for hanging linen bags or towels from, and so versatile that you can easily move them around and between rooms. If you are renting your apartment and can’t put up permanent shelving, or you like to switch up your interior, these ladder shelves are just what you need.

  1.  Half-painted walls                                                                                                           (via

This ingenious decorating hack uses two contrasting colours to create height and interest. Stick to a complementary palette and this will look amazing whatever proportion of the wall you choose to paint. It’s cheaper and less work than repainting the whole room, and you can add some matching pops of colour with cushions or throws.

  1.  Make a feature out of curtain fixtures                                                                                                    (via

Curtain fixtures are not particularly inspiring, but here’s a fab way to add some charming detail to an otherwise boring area of your room. Jute rope looks great tied through rings on heavy linen curtains, or for summer you could hang some gauzy white linen from ring-pull pegs (very inexpensive) for a no-sew homemade alternative to a blind.
19317856480_d68d27c78c_c                                                                             (via

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