Sharing passion and love
for linen fabric and slow living


Sharing my passion for linen


I’m Inga and I run an online shop called LinenMe – a one stop shop for soft home furnishings, such as bed linens, bathroom and kitchen towels, linen tablecloths, throws, cushions and other home accessories.

I absolutely adore linen – not just the fabric itself, but the texture, the colours and shades, durability and coolness, a huge array of its possible uses, and – most importantly – its natural beauty.

All my designs are produced by a small family owned company based in Lithuania. This Baltic country has long-lasting traditions of growing flax, linen weaving, hemstitching and embroidery.

As a head designer of LinenMe range, I try to visit as many interior design fairs and trade shows as I can, and so far LinenMe products were shown in Germany, France, Japan, USA and, of course, UK.

I try to follow global trends and styles, but the majority of LinenMe products do not (and should not) go out of fashion quickly. Linen is well known for its durability; it softens slightly with time and wears beautifully.

LinenBeauty was started to share news stories and LinenMe store updates with anyone interested in natural textiles, sustainable home interior ideas and, of course, linen.

I’m based in Surrey, UK.

My contact details are available here.