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An Amazing Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is the most ancient of all fabrics. Made from the fibers of flax plant, its best appreciated features are the smoothness, durability and coolness. Linen fabric is environment friendly and has some special properties (hypo-allergic, anti-static, bug resistant etc).

linen fabric

There are lots of purposes 100% linen fabric is used for:

  • Linen tablecloths. Linen is the ideal material for tablecloths – it is very durable and dries in minutes – and this is especially convenient feature ad food or drinks often get spilled over the table.
  • Linen bed linen. Because linen is highly breathable material, has good insulating qualities and is extremely pleasant to touch, linen bedlinen sets are among top luxurious bedding options.

linen fabric used for making bed linen

 Linen bathroom towels. Being thin, highly absorbent and quickly drying material linen is widely used to make bath sheets, towels and other bathroom linen.

  • Linen handkerchiefs are used to a large extent owing to similar reasons.
  • Decoration- linen fabric is also greatly used for home decor. For example, linen upholstery fabrics are used to enliven furniture; beautiful linen curtains make eye-catching interior details as well as linen decorative cushion covers.
  • Linen clothes are preferred by lots of people and are always on demand, especially in warm climate zones. They make a perfect mix of style and comfort.

Linen clothes have some particular properties:

  • Linen fabric has a large number of air porosity holes which allow air to pass through the piece of clothing, thus providing a degree of relief when worn in warm weather.
  • Linen clothes are strong and durable (much stronger than cotton).
  • Crisp which is characteristic to linen fabric give the special outlook to the garment.
  • Good absorbency and quick drying capability make linen clothes even more attractive.
  • Linen resists dirt and moth.

Linen clothes available:

  • Linen blouses & shirts: short and long sleeve linen shirts are favored by both men and women. Linen shirts are always a little bit loose than those made from other materials, so it’s advisable to check before buying – maybe a one size smaller will fit better.
  • Linen trousers & skirts are also very popular, comfortable and extremely fashionable.
  • Linen dresses & tunics are becoming trendy and loved by women for the feeling of extreme lightness and breathing qualities.
  • Linen home wear make one feel cozy and comfortable.
  • Linen suits are getting popular among stylish men as they are light, breezy and soft to skin.

Linen clothes, no doubt, make your fashion statement. Fashion designers use linen fabric extensively to produce beautiful clothing. Linen clothes are appreciated and worn by famous models and celebrities, and then the rest of the world follows the trend.

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