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Choosing Table Linens

Table linens add class and style to any mealtime. A backyard picnic, teatime on a terrace, weekend breakfast or formal dinner – all feel more special, more festive and elegant when clean and crisp cloth tablecloths, napkins, runners are used.

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Choosing table linen is a serious undertaking as you certainly wouldn’t want some poor quality tablecloth or napkins that fall apart after the second wash. Table linen is an investment – you pay not only for a piece of cloth but for your mood, the atmosphere and this classy feeling you get when the setting for the mealtime is so elegant.

Table linens should be made of soft, natural fibers – linen or cotton. You can purchase synthetic ones, of course, but I promise – you won’t be happy. Yes, the care is easier, but the feel to the touch and overall impression is far from the best possible.

Table linens made from linen are very absorbent and also long-lasting. Linen fiber does not become shiny when exposed to an iron’s heat (and synthetic one does!). Linen and Egyptian cotton are widely considered the finest materials for table linens because of their long, durable fibers.

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When decision of the material is made, think of the color of your tablecloth and other table linen pieces. Should you like more formal look, choose plain white, off white or ivory table linen. If you’d like to go with color, choose a set that goes with the décor of your place but doesn’t overwhelm it. Think of your plates and dishes – coordinate the colors! The safest option is to purchase a tablecloth in pastel color (or colors) and several sets of napkins.

As I am an advocate of linen table linen, I would certainly recommend choosing table linen set made of linen. The look of the table dressed with pure linen tablecloth is remarkable. The fabric itself creates luxurious atmosphere. And if several linen runners and linen napkins are added – you get a royal table and festive atmosphere at once!

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Linen table linen in not only durable, absorbent, easy care – it is also so gorgeous! Thanks to modern technologies, the fabric is prewashed (see the product description) during production process and make extremely soft and nice to touch linen napkins, tablecloths, runners etc. The colors are exquisite – all shades are to fall in love with – from dusky lilac to citrine.

All table linen items from my shop are machine washable and can be dried in a tumble dryer. For perfect looks, iron them when still damp. For more tips on how to take care of your table linens read this article.

Whether you choose cotton, linen or synthetic materials for your table linens, one thing is for sure – they will add a touch of elegance and class to your table setting.

Table linens - LinenMe

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  1. Tatiana Wilson

    It got me when you said that table linens are super absorbent, lasts a long time, and will not become shiny if they are exposed to an iron’s heat. Since we intend to iron the tablecloths that we will use for my brother’s birthday, I think natural tablecloth made from real linen is our only option. After all, he doesn’t like it when the cloth gets too shiny as it is “too distracting” for him. Thanks for the info.

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