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Choosing Your Upholstery (incl. Linen) Fabric

The type, colors, patterns of your upholstery fabrics influence the flavor of a room a lot. There are a lot of upholstery fabrics options which include upholstery linen fabric, synthetic materials, cotton, leather and types of other cloths; even such delicate fabrics as silk and organza are getting popular among interior decorators and home makers. Even linen, traditionally more used for clothing and home textile, is getting highly appreciated in home and furniture décor.


Choosing upholstery fabrics needs proper planning and knowledge. Not every fabric will add style, feel, and durability to the room.

The fabric chosen for upholstery should be appropriate for the style of the furnishing. Only an inherent symmetry between the décor and type of fabrics will guarantee the completeness of room design. For example, large repeating patterns fit more in a bigger size room and more detailed patterns will look better in smaller rooms. Light upholstery linen fabric will better suit to a bedroom and dark colored cotton one for children room.

Upholstery fabrics

The traffic of the room is also has to be taken into consideration when planning upholstery fabrics. Fabrics of a room with a heavy traffic are going to be frequently washed, so choose those friendly to washing and durable. When purchasing upholstery for children room, choose dark colored fabrics instead of light shade – the maintenance will be lots easier.

Upholstery fabrics

Other issues that have to be kept in mind are a thread count, fade resistance, easy tailoring. It is obvious that upholstery differs from one room to another. The one used for living room will not suit for bedroom or children’s room. Only the properly selected upholstery fabrics will allow to enjoy the desired look and ambience of the house.

Natural fabrics like upholstery linen fabric, cotton or silk fabrics, and organza are eco-friendly fabrics and help maintaining a green environment. And this is not only healthy and shows your organic life style, it is also good for house energy conservation and heat absorption capacity. Natural fabrics are recyclable which also helps to preserve our planet for the well being for our future generations. Therefore it is highly recommended to choose natural fabrics – such as upholstery linen fabrics – to design your home.

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