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Christmas Table Decoration with Linen Table Linen

It seems everyone decorates their surroundings during Christmas. We all want our house or yard or windows are decorated with Christmas lights, we all decorate Christmas trees and mantles and place lots of candles everywhere. But what about the dining room? Are your best table linens ready? Would you like to purchase something new? Or will you match your old favorite linen tablecloth with new linen napkins?

Linen Tablecloth - LinenMe

It’s crystal clear – if you want your Christmas dinner guests feel the holiday season mood immediately upon entering the dining room, you have to prepare your dinner table thoughtfully. And your table linen are there to help you. Decorating beautifully the table for Christmas dinner is a perfect way to make the day even more festive and memorable.

To start with, choose a tablecloth of the right color. Although choosing jolly Christmas patterns of gold, green and scarlet for your table linen might seem festive, I would stay away of that choice – it creates garish confusion and might be tiresome. Opt for gorgeous in its simplicity, pastel colored linen tablecloth. A linen tablecloth of off white, cream or natural colors will create coziness yet won’t distract.

Linen Tablecloth - Christmas Table Decoration

Next, decide upon whether or not to use linen runners. They create an extra layer and add a touch of luxury as they are not a necessity but rather a pleasant décor element! Adding linen runners to a table you organize the seating order as well – all the guests will sit directly opposite each other. Have this in mind. Matching colors of the runners with a tablecloth is an obvious advice, isn’t it?

While using linen tablecloths and linen runners for your Christmas table is merely an advice rather a necessity, choosing napkins made of linen fabric is a must for this occasion. Napkins you place on your table can make it or break it. Imagine a beautiful setting, delicious foods, and jolly moods and… paper or low quality cloth napkins. Quality napkins enhance the overall perception of the dinner so much – I cannot stress this enough! And they are really affordable and durable – make a good investment.

Linen Placemats - LinenMe

Having your linen table linen ready now you can think of the details – what candles to use, whether or not to make a centerpiece, what other decorations to use, how to seat your guests and least but not last – what to serve them!

All this above said, I am 100% sure that what really matters on Christmas is your moods and moods of your guests. Make all of them feel welcomed, smile, give hugs and kisses and have the warmest and most memorable Christmas ever! Merry Christmas!

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