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Cleaning Your Linen Upholstery

Linen fabric is famous for being strong, absorbent and breathable and therefore it is popular choice to produce variety of items, e.g. linen bath towels, line bed sheets, linen clothing, bandages and upholstery. Linen upholstery really looks cool on different kinds of furniture, but it has to be taken proper care of to keep its looks. Clean your linen upholstery on a regular basis and have it looking great!

Linen Upholstery

First of all – consult the attached care label to determine whether your linen upholstery should be dry cleaned or can be machine washed. If there is no label or you have doubts about them or about your own competence – do not hesitate and hire a professional linen upholstery cleaner. He or she will surely know what to do – either to clean the items dry or steam clean or wash by hand etc.

Linen Upholstery

If there are only few stains and you want to clean your linen fabric yourself , you can remove blotches from your upholstery by washing the affected area with lukewarm water. Just dab the affected area gently with a wet cloth.

If the stains are those from tea or coffee, gently blotch them with glycerin. Allow the glycerin soak on the fabric for a few minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

To remove face powder or lipstick stains, dab them with ether or alcohol and then wash them off with lukewarm water.

Linen Upholstery fabrics  LinenMe

Grease is another typical problem with linen upholstery. Grease stains can be removed with the help of a small amount of petrol or trichloroethylene. Dab the stains, then spread talc on the area and brush it off thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly the treated area with water and let to dry.

If a thorough washing for your linen upholstery is needed, wash it by hand or use your washing machine. For prewashed upholstery (which will not shrink) you may use hot water to wash lighter colored fabrics, including white. Use cold water to wash darker colors. You can use a mild detergent diluted in warm water. It is important to rinse well after the wash to completely remove all soap residue.

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