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Compare Upholstery Linen Fabric with Other Classic and Contemporary Upholstery Fabrics

One of the most wanted materials for upholstery is upholstery linen fabric. It is durable, strong, antistatic, smooth and cool to the touch. It has luxurious looks and is appreciated by those loving natural materials. The natural shades of it vary from pale grey to ivory, ecru and tan. But there are other upholstery fabrics, let’s find out what they are.

upholstery linen fabric

  • Cotton upholstery fabric or cotton blends are very popular because of its strength. It is pleasant to the skin. Cotton is highly absorbent and therefore takes longer to dry. Staining and wrinkling may occur.
  • Wool has lots of is positive properties. It is soil, stain and flame resistant and obtains water repellent properties. Can be dry cleaned or cleaned with hot water extraction method. Unfortunately, wool does not feel pleasant to the touch. It stains easily and is sensitive to chlorine bleach. Additionally, wool is inclined to moth and insect damage.
  • Leather used as upholstery fabric is expensive but durable and flexible material. It is easy taken care of by a simple wipe-down. The fibers of natural leather may break over the time. If long periods of exposure to low humidity occur, leather may desiccate and change its fibrous structure irreversibly. Special treatments and cleaning procedures are needed.
  • Silk is predominantly used for decoration as it is a fragile material and could be damaged easily. Using silk for upholstery is not advisable. Use upholstery linen fabric instead!
  • Nylon upholstery fabrics are extremely strong. Nylon is a synthetic fiber. It is soil resistant and responds well to cleaning. The drawbacks are that it is not very pleasant to skin – lacks the feeling of natural material, it also stains easily.
  • Acrylic is a durable synthetic material. It is easy to clean and maintain, it does not shrink and wrinkle. Lots of colors available. Acrylic is highly used for upholstering the furniture in the living room.
upholstery linen fabric
  • Suede is a type of leather that has a napped or brushed finish. It is made from the underside of the skin and therefore has less durability but is softer than standard leather. Sued a textured upholstery material – it absorbs liquids quickly and easily becomes dirty.
  • Velvet can be made from different kinds of fibers – silk, cotton and even synthetics. It is a woven fabric with an evenly distributed cut threads and a short dense pile. Velvet upholstery fabric is a luxurious choice, often associated with high status. Due to its pile, it is not easy to clean and usually dry cleaning is recommended.

Pick and choose the fabric according to your needs and wants, but we are sure the best choice is upholstery linen fabric!

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