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Curly Hair Solutions – Linen Towels

Only girls with curly hair will understand the perils of tamin the ‘do. While rocking braids like Monica in Friends might not be an everyday solution, there is a post-shower hack that makes life almost island-living easy.

Curly hair

Instead of using a traditional terry cloth towel on your hair, splurging on a high-quality linen towel can make all of the difference. Because linen is extremely absorbent and contains no cross fibers, it reduces frizz and making it easier to maintain.

LinenMe has a generous selection of bath towels to help whip your curly hair into shape. A few favorites include the French Blue, Francesca, Aubergine, and Tangerine sets.

Linen Waffle Towels - LinenMe

Easily cut minutes off of your beauty routine and tame your gorgeous locks.

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