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DIY Halloween/Don’t Get Frightened, Get Crafty!

The clock is ticking. It’s T-7 until Halloween, and the costume you were supposed to pick up in September is now sold out. Everywhere. The thought of having to tell your 7 year old who’s been excited about it for months…frightening. Fortunately you can recover fast with a quick DIY Halloween project.

DIY Halloween - Linen Fabric


LinenMe has every color fabric you could need, from a gorgeous white for the ultimate Olaf costume to a royal blue for your super hero lover. Just pick out the colors you need and how many yards and start crafting.

coral linen fabric - LinenMe

For those who live in areas where it gets a bit chilly during Trick or Treating hours, linen is the top option for a DIY Halloween costume. It is thermo-regulating which means it will keep your little one warm when they refuse a jacket so everyone can see their costume.
Order your LinenMe fabric, get the old sewing machine out and begin crafting!

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