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Fold a Fitted Sheet in 6 Simple Steps

Ever wanted to know how to fold a fitted sheet? Oh, those tricky corners, the annoying edge bits that just won’t cooperate. Instead of bundling your sheets into a crumpled heap, follow these simple steps and get your linen cupboard in order. Whether you iron or not (and if you’ve got some luxurious linen sheets you’ll know how much better they look with some natural wrinkles), once you’ve got the hang of folding fitted sheets your linen closet will never look the same again.

Step 1:

Lay the sheet wrong side up on a flat surface (the bed is easiest).

How to fold fitted sheets

Step 2:

Take hold of the corners nearest to you by putting your hands inside each corner (so you are holding the right side and the corners flap over your hands), and tuck them inside the furthest two corners.

How to fold fitted sheets

Step 3:

Fold each of the sides in slightly to create a rectangle shape.

Linen fitted sheets

Step 4:

Fold in half lengthways.

Fitted Sheets

Step 5:

Fold both sides in so they meet.

Fitted sheets

Step 6:

Fold in half widthways.

Fitted Sheets

Step 7:

Fold again.

How To Fold Fitted Sheets

Neat eh? And while you’re in organising mode, slip the fitted sheet along with a duvet cover inside a matching pillow case and you’ve got a handy, ready-made bedlinen bundle.

Folded fitted sheets

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