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How to Boss Dorm Room Style

Many of us will be waving off a child this month as they leave for college (*weeps*), or moving out of our family home and into a new life of parties studying. We thought we would ease the transition by rounding up some top tips on how to boss dorm room style on a limited budget. Make any room, any size, feel like home with these simple ideas. Easy as ABC.

Make sure you banish homesickness by bringing a little smattering of home into a new room. Photos and pictures are the perfect way to keep loved-ones within sight, but it doesn’t need to involve blu-tack and a random jumble of images. Check out this genius how-to to create a stylish and unusual photo hanger.

Dorm room

Dorm rooms and shared student accommodation are always a squeeze, so you need to get clever with the storage. Use boxes under the bed to store things that don’t need to be accessed regularly, and if possible add some shelving, making use of the vertical space. Keep clutter out of the way in baskets and boxes, and keep the shelves to display things like books or memorablia. Ikea and Muji are your friends when you need crafty storage solutions.

Dorm room

Choose a simple colour palette and find linens or accessories with the same base tones or shades. This will make the room look stylish and intentional, and you can make the bed the focal point of the room by adding some bright, luxurious bedlinen. Pick out the same colour in the furnishings, or even paint a cupboard door or wall the same shade if you are allowed. LinenMe’s top-notch bedlinen always looks fantastic, and a beautiful set of sheets and duvet cover would make a fabulous leaving home gift. You can rest in the knowledge that your loved-one will be warm and comfortable, whatever time of night they roll in.

Linen Throws - LinenMe

Add interest by creating a feature wall of posters and pictures. Choose frames in different sizes and shapes, and if you are not permitted to hang things on the walls you could copy this nifty idea and create your own frames from washi tape.

Dorm romm style

All hail the decal! Such a great way to brighten up a boring wall. They come in a wide range of colours and designs, and the best bit is that they are removable. No marks, no holes, and you can take them with you when you move out. Just the thing when you need some zing and don’t want to involve paint. Or hard work.

College is about meeting people and forging your own path in life, but it is also about the work. A desk or workspace is essential if you are going to get any serious study done, so make this a priority when planning your dorm room. Use any containers you can find (tin cans, jam jars, upcycled pots) to store pens and equipment. If you can find one of those trolleys hairdressers use this would make a brilliant, movable storage unit. A good lamp is crucial for late-night essay-writing, and make your chair is as comfortable as possible by adding a rug or cushion.

Dorm room style

If permitted, bring a few plants into your room. They will help purify the air and keep the room feeling fresh. Keep them on a sunny windowsill, and choose ones that don’t need much attention. This would also be a great gift for someone starting out away from home. Just maybe hold off on the giant yucca – your roomie might not thank you for that.

Cooking (and washing!) may not be every student’s forte but you can encourage adventures in the kitchen by equipping them with some nice kitchen linens. Keep bath towels easily identifiable using a monogramming service –  a special, personalised set of soft towels would make another excellent gift for your fledgling. Linen is the perfect choice for a college newbie as it is hardwearing and gets better with every wash. And there’s no need to iron. Not that there is much chance of that.

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You can transform any teen bedroom, whatever the size and whether at home or college, using these simple ideas. Wherever life takes you, we’ve got you covered.

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