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How to Care for Cotton, Silk and Linen Bathrobes

Probably all of you have your most beloved linen bathrobe that you use not only after bathing, but also while walking around the house in the early morning and sipping your morning coffee. The big love and constant wearing can cause your bathrobes to become less fluffy, less absorbent and simply look like they are worn out.

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This list that we have prepared will help you save your bathrobes and take care of them like you should. So, dig in – a tutorial for taking care of your beloved cotton, silk and linen bathrobes.

  • Cotton bathrobes

Wash your bathrobes before first use. To maintain the softness always wash at 60° as part of a full load, along with other multi-coloured textiles if you desire. Use only mild detergents in order not to ruin the fabric and its fluffiness. After spin drying stretch the product by hand while it is damp, for tumble drying use a low heat setting only, and do not dry on or near a heater. Do not over dry. The soft and fluffy towel fabric will be more absorbent, stabile and loops will not be easily pulled. If a loop is pulled simply cut it off with scissors. This will not cause damage to the fabric.

  • Silk bathrobes

Cleaning and washing silk is surprisingly easy if certain precautions are observed. We recommend hand washing silk, even if the label says that it is okay to wash it in a washing machine. Optimal silk care will ensure longer and lustrous life of the garment. Silk is a natural protein fibre. Do not use chlorine bleach to clean silk; chlorine will damage the silk fabric. Avoid drying silk bathrobes in direct sunlight as sunlight for a prolonged period will damage the silk fabric. Substances containing alcohol will damage the fabric, so let your perfume and hairspray dry before dressing.

We recommend that your new linen bathrobes should be washed before use, as it takes several washes to achieve their maximum absorbency. Try not to use fabric conditioner. If you do, use only a very small amount and not in every wash as this coats the fibre, reducing bathrobe absorbency. Tumble dry your linens with dryer balls in the drum to help get them extra soft. Bathroom detergents and some beauty products such as cleansers contain bleaching agents and may cause permanent discoloration to your bathrobe.

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