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How to Choose Your Decorative Cushion Covers

If your living room or bedroom needs some finishing touch or if you want to change the looks without buying new furniture, curtains and carpets, use some cushions to complete your interior or, if you already have lots of them, simply change the decorative cushion covers and this will make a big difference.

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You can choose whatever fabric for decorative cushion covers you like, but we strongly recommend linen cushion covers. Apart from being trendy and beautiful, they are made of natural fabric which looks so inviting and very pleasant to touch or lay your head on. It’s always wise to have things that are not only gorgeous to look at but also practical in your home. Linen decorative cushion covers are exactly that!

In any case, read on some simple tips on choosing cushion covers – linen or other – and have your home cozy and stylish!

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  • Look around for inspiration. Your home is your best consultant! Look around and try matching the color or style of your decorative cushion covers to the color or style of your armchair or carpets.
  • Search for ideas. If you lack your own ideas, check the interior magazines – paper ones or those online. You will certainly find different decorating tips that will suit your tastes and preferences.
  • Decide what look are you aiming for – a traditional or a modern one. Decorative cushion covers that have lots of ornaments and a decorative trim usually suggest a traditional feel to the room – as well as smaller decorative cushions (especially if they are set them in bunches). For modern interior use cushions of bigger size and ones with simpler designs. Place them apart from each other.
  • Make your mind about the use of your cushions. Are they meant only for decoration? Do you plan to rest your head on them while taking a nap? Maybe you would want to sit on them? Will they be used much for various purposes? Choose washable easy care decorative cushion covers if cushions are going to be used often (slept on, sit on, used as a support for you back, or played with by children). Linen decorative cushion covers are the best for these purposes! And only choose expensive or synthetic materials if your cushions are meant for decorative purposes only.

Cushion covers - LinenMe

And – very important – mix it up. If you just can’t make your mind which covers to choose – square burgundy reds, round yellows or rectangle striped blues, then don’t. Setting together decorative cushions of different styles and shapes really looks great! Nevertheless, to avoid too much clutter, try matching color palette, use the same fabric, or choose the same simple design but different shapes.

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