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How to Iron Table Linen Like a Pro

Let’s face it – planning a dinner is great, but preparing for it takes a lot of time and effort. The most terrifying and excruciating work that needs to be done before the dinner party is to iron your tablecloths and dozens of napkins. If you are having tough time ironing, maybe you are doing it wrong. When done properly, this work actually doesn’t require a lot of your energy and the results can be quite astonishing – neat lines, no mess at all, that’s how tablecloths should look.

How to iron table linen - LinenMe

First thing you need to do when ironing a linen tablecloth is to prepare the surface you will be ironing on. If you are ironing on a table, cover it with some firm fabric. Put a cotton sheet on top of it and cover it with a terry towel. Cover the ground around the table with some clean sheets, so if falls down it won’t drop directly onto the floor. Secondly, prepare your tablecloth. Make sure it is damp, but not too damp, you cannot iron a wet tablecloth. If you prefer the clean, old fashioned looks on your linen tablecloths, you can apply some starch before ironing. After ironing your tablecloth, fold it and hang it on a hanger.

How to iron table linen - LinenMe

The best place to iron napkins is the ironing board. Before ironing you must prepare it as well as the table. Set the board to the right height level, so your muscles won’t get tired from having to keep your hands lifted. You are wondering how to figure out if the height is right for you? When you are able to place your hand on the board without bending your back or arm, the height is perfect. To create a softer surface, place some kind of fabric on the ironing board. The best choice would be a terry towel. Place the napkin across the board and prepare it by spraying some water over it. To prevent your napkins from scorching, keep your iron constantly moving.

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