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How to Care for Your Linen this Summer

Linen makes the ideal choice for clothing and bedding in summer. It’s magically quick to dry, wicks moisture away from your skin, is breathable and lightweight, and perfect for travel (more on packing for a trip here). To keep your linen happy and looking beautiful this summer, follow these simple tips for your linen care.


linen washing - machineMost importantly, read the label on your linen and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for that specific item. Linen is machine washable and even gets softer and stronger with every wash. Select a cool or delicate cycle and look after the fabric by using a gentle detergent. Avoid washing linens with heavy items like jeans as these can crush the fibres of the fabric. Bleach is a no-no. Always. If you have a more structured garment, such as a linen suit or jacket, this may be better dry cleaned. lf you want to hand wash your linens go right ahead, just avoid wringing. Gently does it here.



Hopefully, summer will bring sunshine and heat, and on good days your linen will love being air dried outside. This is also the most environmentally friendly option – use the solar power in your own backyard! Linen is best dried flat or on padded hangers to avoid being misshapen. If you don’t have outside space or the weather lets you down, most items can be tumble dried (again, check your manufacturer’s instructions before bunging into the drier). Choose a low heat and remove before they are completely dry to preserve their super-softness.


We love love love linen’s natural crumples but you may need to look more polished for a special occasion (a summer wedding or business meeting, for example). In this case, iron your linen whilst damp, or steam iron, and only press just until the wrinkles have disappeared. You don’t want to mash the fibres too much. Darker linens are best ironed inside out.


Linen likes to be stored in a cool, dry place. Thanks to the natural insect deterrent properties you don’t need to worry about moths munching through your linens, so just fold sheets away and hang clothes ready for their next outing. If an item gets crinkled, just spritz gently with water, use your hands to press it flat and then air dry – an instant refresh.

These easy-to-follow tips should help you keep your clothes and sheets looking amazing right through summer and into autumn, and give you years more wear and use from your fabulous linens.

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