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Linen Napkins Not Only for Fancy Dinners

Why to write about linen napkins? For us they are a symbol of revival of true things and values. The world is dominated by cheap fast food chains, people do not have time to sit and enjoy meal. To oppose that true values are coming back. We want to reclaim real, slow dinner, the dining room table, real beautiful plates, real tableware, real cloth napkins and other real accessories. More and more people are returning to slow enjoyable mealtimes and also to stylish table linen and functional dining room decor! Moreover – growing numbers of people are looking for eco-friendly living solutions; paper towels and napkins go out of fashion while linen napkins come in.

Linen Napkins - LinenMe

As more people are spending more time at the dinner table than eating out stylish quality (linen) table linen experience growth in demand. Meals cooked at home are not only much cheaper than meals eaten out, they are also healthier and of better quality. Also the trend of moving dinner away from the TV to the dining room table is being observed. All this make dining room décor important in making it a cozy, welcoming and nice environment for the family and friends. Beauty and advantages of colorful and stylish table linens become obvious. Real linen tablecloths topped by linen table runners, linen placemats, and linen napkins are creating cozy, tasteful atmosphere as well as are very useful!

Linen Table Runners - LinenMe

Linen napkins (as well as linen table runners, linen tablecloths and all linen table linen for that matter) are so highly absorbent and quickly-drying that you would certainly prefer one beautiful linen napkin for a messy child over of a rough and non-attractive paper towel.

Linen napkins are, of course, statement to fine dining, sign of luxury, and not only do they convey importance in dinner, they are really very practical for all kinds of spills. To add more, they are very soft to the skin and look good even after many washings.

Linen Placemats - LinenMe

Linen napkins are an eco-friendly option. The process of making linen fabric from flax plant is generally an organic, soil safe practice. The best thing is that you won’t ever throw a linen napkin away – they are extremely durable, last for years if not decades and centuries. To keep using linen napkins for many years all we have to do is pop your linen napkins into the washing machine and they will become as good as new even if they were colored with sauce. They even can be dried in a dryer.

It’s also pleasant to know that since you won’t need that many linen napkins as you need paper towels, a set of linen napkins will pay for itself in a short period of time and will keep rewarding you this way during their lifetime.

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