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Linen Scarves – Stylish and Functional Accessories for Hot Summer

A quality linen scarf or several different linen scarves – is an accessory a contemporary woman (and a man, for that matter) must have in her wardrobe. Pure linen fabric of good quality and all the items made of it always communicate good taste and are always in fashion. Linen scarves made of thin soft fabric are highly functional as well as just gorgeous.

linen scarves

To serve you properly a linen scarf has to be extremely lightweight and let the air through easily, so you do not get all stuffy when it’s hot. It also has to be prewashed during the production process in order to be very soft and nice to touch – this is important for your delicate neck and shoulder skin. And last but not least – it must be dyed with beautiful colors so to bring joy for your eyes and those of others.

Linen Scarves - LinenMe

Apart from being an adornment to your outfit, linen scarves have practical uses as well. Here are some ideas how to use your scarf (linen or any other lightweight one):

  • Use traditionally – wrap it around your neck – add some accent to your outfit.
  • Cover your shoulders for warmth and coziness during cool summer evenings.
  • Make it a beach skirt – just wrap around your hips.
  • Forgot your summer hat at home? Do not worry – use your linen scarf to make a bandanna!
  • Care for some rest in the park? Make your linen scarf a rug to lie on.
  • Are you a young mom? Have one of your scarves all the time as they are so useful. A scarf can become a cover your precious one when she is sleeping, can also become a shield against the sun or wind, or be spread in a pram for extra comfort, or even wrapped around the baby’s body if the jacket was lost or forgotten at home!

Linen Scarves Orange

But the most important advice is to wear your bright lightweight linen scarf when you want to feel feminine, elegant and a touch of softness to your attire is needed.

Although soft and thin, a quality linen scarf can also serve you properly during colder months as well. Wrapped tighter around your neck they will protect you against the cold and wind.

Linen scarves go especially well with linen clothes. So become a fashionable beauty queen, who survives summer heat with an elegant clothes and a stylish scarf draped around her shoulders!

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