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Linen Tablecloths for Your Table Design

Tables at our homes are the functional pieces of furniture that are used to eat meals, keep things etc. But apart from that they are elements of our interior design and bare tables not always look good. A beautiful good quality tablecloth is essential for a pretty looking table. And when we say “beautiful, good quality cloth tablecloths” we of course mean a linen tablecloth. Tablecloths are not only a piece of cloth to cover the top of the table but they also are an important detail of interior design. They create cozy and welcoming atmosphere in the room.

Cloth Tablecloths

Linen Tablecloths

Linen tablecloths are used for table decoration for ages. Linen yearns are originally acquired from a flax plant. Because of time and effort needed to produce linen fabric it was most expensive and also elegant material. Linen clothing, linen table linen were only used by rich. Nowadays linen tablecloths are still well appreciated by the interior designers and home owners as they bring serene and elegant look to the table as well as to the overall home interior.

Cloth Tablecloths

The appeal of linen tablecloths mainly derives from their luster and beautiful texture. Apart from that, linen tablecloths also add splendor to the table and the whole room. They can come in pastel or bright colors, have embroidery or hemstitched details on them and the feel is always excellent. Actually the feel of the linen tablecloth (and all other linen table linen for that matter) is one of the main reasons why people prefer them. But the most important advantage of pure linen tablecloth is its water absorbing capacity. If anything is spilled, drops of liquids vanish immediately.

Care of Linen Tablecloths

Linen tablecloths are very easy to handle. They are easy to store because they are insect resistant. They are durable and do not their luster easily, so you can use them for years. They are machine washable and can be dried in a drier at low temperatures. If you prefer ironing, so this while the tablecloth is still slightly damp.

Cloth Tablecloths

Buying a 100% linen tablecloth is an investment. Linen table linen usually goes from generation to generation and can be appreciated for many years.

You can also purchase a table linen set consisting of a table cloth, linen table runners and linen napkins. No matter how expensive your table and other dining accessories are, they remain incomplete without an elegant looking table covers.

For tips on washing your linen tablecloths read here.

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