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Why We Love Women’s Clothes That Have Pockets

Inspired by this Twitter conversation with renowned Irish author Marian Keyes (a fan of LinenMe’s linen dresses), we got thinking about why women’s clothes need pockets. It seems obvious, but so few garments (particularly dresses and skirts) are made with useful-sized pockets that we thought we’d investigate further.

Why do women need pockets? Well sometimes we don’t want to lug a bag around. It is liberating to not have a bag hanging round your neck all the time. Sometimes you don’t want to think about accessories and sizes, you just want somewhere to stash your phone and purse or wallet. There are those who think pockets spoil the silhouette or cut of a dress, and of course, a slinky body-con number is probably not going to be enhanced by some pockets. But for clothes that are designed for everyday there’s always a place for a pocket. We love having somewhere to put our hands when we are standing. We love the comfy feel pockets bring to a pair of trousers or a dress. We like the way the fabric moves and hangs around them. And pockets are super practical too, offering an easy place to stash essential items or things we are using temporarily.

There is a perception that women’s clothes should be all about beauty, whereas men’s clothing is about utility. We disagree. There’s no reason we can’t have both. If you want your clothes to be comfortable yet stylish and well cut then a simple linen shift dress with pockets is just the thing. Or a boxy cardigan with pockets large enough to carry your notebook. Or a pair of loose, flowing culottes with handy pockets that give the fabric some extra flip.

linen dress pockets - LinenMe

This dress is the perfect example of how style can meet function. It has a drapey cut yet doesn’t swamp, and the detailing at the neck and the scooped hem keep things charming yet unfussy. The two fabulous, spacious pockets at the front have been designed to be a feature, rather than hidden away, and have plenty of room for important items. Or just for putting your hands in. Relaxed, flowy, comfortable and made from pure super soft linen, we can’t think of anything more lovely for Spring. We are already imagining stashing sandwiches in the pockets and taking our lunch break outdoors, flinging a lipstick and some concealer into a pocket to take us from work to evening, and layering up with a chunky knit for the still-chilly winter days while we wait for the seasons to turn.

There are other linen dresses with pockets too: this gorgeous shirtdress (now top of our wish-list) with neat side pockets, or this simple shift.

linen shirtdress pockets - LinenMe

Here’s what we would put in our pockets:

1.Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm

To keep lips naturally moisturised and add a bit of colour to our winter skin.

2.This book

Something slimline that we can dip in an out of.

3.(For a coat with large pockets) A reusable coffee cup

To cut down on waste and reduce the amount of plastics we throw away each day.

4.A neat vial of perfume oil

So we always smell great.


For on-the-go touch-ups and covering those pimply outbreaks.


Essential, and best on a keyring like this to stop us losing them.

7.Purse/ wallet

A charming little coin purse for when all you need is loose change and a free spirit.

What would you put in yours?

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