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Luxury Space and Money Saver

Are you guilty of purchasing different bed sets for each season? From a winter polar vortex to a summer scorcher, it might seem necessary. Until now. Did you know that linen is thermo regulating and can save you space and money?

Linen is the ultimate household multitasker keeping you warm and cool during the hot seasons, and allowing to you enjoy luxury bedding all year long. Here at LinenMe we have a few great reasons as to why you should take the plunge into linen:

Stone washed bed linen - LinenMe Linen Towel - LinenMe

  • Lower heating and air conditioning bills. Invest in linen throws to use in the living room while you’re reading or watching TV.
  • Increased closet space. Whether you store bedding in a vacuum sealed or traditional bag, it still takes up space. Having only one set leaves you with more room for the important things in life, like shoes.
  • Better with age. Linen gets softer with every wash unlike your current cotton comforter and if made with high-quality materials, lasts for many years. Now you can start saving for that international vacation you always wanted to take!

Have a luxurious bedroom for years to come by making the switch!

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