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Organizing Your Linen Closet

To most, the ideal linen closet is the one you can see everything at a glance and find exactly what you want in a moment. Making your closet orderly is easy – just as sorting, folding and stacking. Here I present some advices and steps how to achieve this in minutes. So, read this and head on to where you store your cotton or linen bed linen, towels, tablecloths and other home textile.

Linen closet

  • Bring all your linen together from where you store them and sort into categories: pillows, blankets, linen towels, cotton towels, bed linen sheets, tablecloths, linen napkins and other napkins, table runners.
  • Limit yourself to two – three bed linen sets per bed and three sets of bath sheets and hand towels per person. Have some sets of guest towels. Of course, I recommend linen towels and sheets :). Your old, worn or unused linens should be donated or used for other purposes at home.
  • Clean the shelves of the closet and adjust them to accommodate linen items. Consider a 10 inches height for sheets and table linens, 12-16 inches for towels, and about 20 inches or more from the top shelf to the ceiling for bulky items (e.g. blankets, pillows).

Linen closet - basket

  • Put bulky, infrequently used items–such as pillows, comforters and quilts–on the highest or lowest shelves. Keep them in their original bedding bags to protect them from dust.
  • Now sort your towels by size or type. The best way to fold towels so they’ll stack perfectly and fit most shelves is to fold them in thirds lengthwise, then fold in half (matching the ends to each other), then fold in half again. Another way is to fold towels in half and roll them up like in a spa. Since towels are used frequently, keep them within convenient reach. Beach towels can occupy a separate shelf or go behind your bath towels.
  • Sort bed sheets into sets and/or according to their fabric – linen bed linen, flannel bed linen etc.
  • Dedicate a separate space for your table linen. Fold tablecloths in half and them once more so and hang them on a wooden hanger covered with acid-free paper. Hang this inside the closet. Cotton or linen napkins, table runners can be sorted according to size or color.

Linen Closet - table linen

Sometimes check the humidity and temperature in the closer. The humidity should be at 50 percent and temperatures at 60 to 65 degrees F (16 to 18C). Avoid extreme fluctuations of humidity and temperature levels. Check the closet regularly for mildew and mold.

Read some tips on how to clear you linen closet here.

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