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Linen Napkins and How to Use Them

Using linen napkins properly is part of the table manners everyone should know. It takes more than just dabbing at your mouth while eating spaghetti or some other messy food.

First of all, cloth napkins are used whenever the dinning occasion is more formal or when this kind of atmosphere is aimed to be created. Paper napkins are normally used during less formal meals.

Linen Napkins - LinenMe

Cloth napkins are still widely used and available in several sizes, each size tailored to a specific use (the simple rule is this – the more food is going to be served, the larger the napkin: beverage napkin is smaller than luncheon napkin which is smaller than dinner napkin).

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Why Linen Clothes Are Always in Fashion?

With days getting longer, warmer and shinier, it is time to think of some new clothes to wear this spring and summer! Did you know that linen clothing are always in fashion? The shapes, cuts, lengths and colors change but the linen fabric itself is always popular. Why is that? Should you consider purchasing a piece of linen clothing? Let me reveal some benefits of pure linen clothes in this post.

Linen Dresses - LinenMe

Linen clothes are appreciated so much because of the comfort they provide. This is especially evident during warm seasons when linen clothing allows doing your activities without worrying for sweating or damping your clothes. Breathable and comfortable clothes are a must during how summer unless you want any skin or health problems caused by sweating. Linen fabric easily absorbs perspiration, while leaving a very cool and dry feeling to the skin.

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Choosing Table Linens

Table linens add class and style to any mealtime. A backyard picnic, teatime on a terrace, weekend breakfast or formal dinner – all feel more special, more festive and elegant when clean and crisp cloth tablecloths, napkins, runners are used.

Table linens - Red Stripe Tablecloth - LinenMe

Choosing table linen is a serious undertaking as you certainly wouldn’t want some poor quality tablecloth or napkins that fall apart after the second wash. Table linen is an investment – you pay not only for a piece of cloth but for your mood, the atmosphere and this classy feeling you get when the setting for the mealtime is so elegant.

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Why Buy Pure Linen Bed Linen?

Since linen fabric is my work as well as a passion, my friends and acquaintances often call me a “linen expert” 🙂 and ask me lots of challenging questions. The most common one is about the benefits of linen bedding. Ok, they say, I can see in your shop – linen bed linen is gorgeous, but why on earth I should buy them except for the beauty? And I of course have a list of reasons at hand 🙂

linen bedding LinenMe

Should similar question arise to you, too, read on to find out 8 reasons to love pure linen bed sheets.

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Everlasting Beauty of Linen Bath Towels

What do you think of aesthetics of bathroom linen? Is this important to you – the interior of your bathroom and those mundane things you use there? Well, it should be :). We spend our most precious moments there – after waking up and preparing ourselves for the new day full of possibilities and beautiful moments and while getting ready to rest after hectic and challenging busy hours. Linen bath towels, all those jars of cosmetics and everyday accessories in a bathroom are those things that say Good morning and Good night to us, so why not to make them nice and beautiful?

Linen Bath Towels

Linen towels are naturally beautiful as beautiful is the fabric itself. But what happens when endless possibilities of modern dying technologies are employed? Read More


Finding a perfect gift for your special Valentine

Gifts for Valentine - LinenMe
Thinking of surprising your special Valentine with a luxurious yet practical gift? LinenMe has compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas – from stunning silk & wool scarves to gorgeous bright red cushion covers. There is something to suit any taste or budget.

LinenMe also offers FREE gift wrapping service. For more details and a full list of linen products that may be turned into lovely gifts visit their main site.


Lithuanian linen, a perfect Christmas gift

LinenMe Christmas - Lithuanian Linen

LinenMe – supplier of high quality 100% linen home textiles, took part in this year’s Spirit of Christmas Fair, held in London’s Kensington Olympia. For five days visitors had a chance to explore the vast range of linen napkins, tablecloths, cushion covers and handmade linen brooches, as well as have a chat with the people behind the LinenMe brand. It turns out not many visitors imagined where LinenMe products are made.

To read more about this event please visit the newly launched LinenMe News section.


Pick your own linen rose brooch | LinenMe

In the times of credit crunch everyone is looking for inventive ways to update their wardrobe. If you do have several jerseys or jackets that look slightly tired but are still perfectly wearable, why not try and refresh them by adding a small accessory, such as a fabric brooch?

linen rose brooch - LinenMe

LinenMe has a range of beautiful handmade rose brooches on offer; the colour palette ranges from natural linen shades to playful lime green, from pure white to vibrant bright red.

The rose can also be added to your handbag, a scarf or even pinned to your hat. The good news is that, unlike the majority of fabric brooches, these linen roses have a firm shape and do not loose it that easily.

You can also use this handmade linen accessory to decorate your dining table. Just make sure your guests remove the roses before tucking in – they are not edible!


Unique Christening robe and bonnet design from LinenMe

Christening is one of the first important occasions when the newly born receives a lot of attention from family members, so every parent is on a mission of finding a beautiful Christening robe.

There is a wide range of Christening robes and gowns available from the retailers, and even a wider choice of fabrics that the robes are made of, mainly silk and polyester. I have been thinking for a while that linen could be a perfect alternative, and decided to add a new product to our ever expanding linen product range at LinenMe.

Linen christening robe - LinenMe

My inspiration came from an old traditional Lithuanian design, originally used by my grandmother who absolutely loved crafts. Since linen was the only widely available fabric in early 20th century Lithuania, she made the most of it!

The current version of this Christening set is slightly modernised and includes hemstitched Christening robe, a matching bonnet and a pair of cute baby shoes. All items come in two colours – white and ivory, and are made to order. The garments can also be decorated with embroidered ornaments, pleated details or baby’s initials.

Product information:

Robe, bonnet and shoes: 100% linen
Colours: white, ivory
Sizes: made to order

Available from LinenMe – a retailer of unique linen products.