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Quality Sleep with Linen duvets

Let’s talk today about linen duvets (or linen duvet covers)! Why are they considered a luxurious bed linen to have? Why are they good for your health?

Duvet covers are a usual piece of bed linen mainly in Europe. In the United States comforters are used with flat sheets between one and the sleeper. But a custom of encasing a comforter with a cover is getting popular in USA too. To keep down comforters clean and hygienic one must put a cover or them. Avoiding flat sheets makes bed making quick and easy too!

Linen Duvets

As duvet cover is used directly next to skin, it is very important, what fabric it is made of. And because a duvet is a large piece of bedding that is clearly visible and noticeable, the design of your duvet cover plays major role when creating an atmosphere in the bedroom.

Everyone wants a duvet cover that is easy to wash and also stylish. And linen duvets are exactly that! They are very functional and appealing. Linen bed linen is considered deluxe option for its natural sheen, elegance, softness and many healthy properties. Although linen bedding is usually pricier than polyester or cotton, it is a real investment – because of extreme durability your linen duvet covers will serve several generations.

Linen Duvets - Bed Linen - LinenMe

Most popular linen duvets are of natural colors: ivory, off white, tan, light gray but bright vibrant shades are getting increasingly popular. White linen duvet covers are produced of bleached linen. For most elegant appearance of your bedroom and calming effect choose a duvet cover of natural colors or look for earthly shades. Vibrant colors will create sumptuous atmosphere.

Linen duvet covers are also very pleasant to touch because they get softer after each wash. You might also look for already pre-washed linen duvets and enjoy extreme softness from the very beginning. Linen bedlinen is naturally lint free and non-pilling, it is also hypoallergenic.

Linen Bed Linen - LinenMe

A pure linen duvet cover can be used all year round. In warmer seasons it absorbs moisture from your skin and evaporates it instantly. In cooler seasons linen duvet cover helps you retain your body warmth. To state it shortly – linen duvet covers are irreplaceable for those seeking comfortable and healthy sleep in sumptuous bed linen.

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