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Reasons to Choose Natural Fabric Towels in Summer

With days getting hotter and hotter the absolutely best way to spend your free time is at the beach. Sunbathing, swimming, playing ball games, surfing or even riding a motorboat – there are so many great outdoor activities that you can try out at the beach. We all love beaches but they can create quite a bit of dilemma – you need to choose a swimsuit, sunscreen and even the beach towel you are going to use. Today we are going to tell you a bit more about natural fibre towels and reasons to choose them over the synthetic ones.

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Bamboo towels will give you the joy of marvellous softness – 100% bamboo pile on cotton backing creates a soft towel which is extremely durable and resistant to piling and shrinkage. They are also extremely absorbent – bamboo towels are made of fibres which are four times more absorbent than cotton towels. As they are so absorbent, there’s no need to rub your skin and cause irritation.

Quality huckaback towels are most often made of pure linen fibre. Huckaback towels have a good grip, are durable and extremely absorbent. Huckaback weave fabric dry the skin very effectively – they absorb moisture at once and dry quickly. Moreover – towel drying with a huckaback towel also stimulates the blood supply leaving one revitalized and fresh. Distinct advantage linen huckaback towels have over cotton ones is that they are soft and more absorbent than cotton. Also, they do not need as much softeners like cotton towels do. Linen towels also occupy less room in drawers and on shelves, as they are very thin. Huckaback towels are relatively easy to wash and they do not stain easily. With huckaback towels no ironing is needed as natural crumbles add charm to your bathroom linen.

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