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Removing Rust From Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is not a delicate one. Compared to satin or silk, linen is much more durable. However, if rust stains appeared on linen fabric – your linen towels, linen bed linen or linen clothes – a thoughtful care should be taken when removing rust from linen fabric.

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The thing is most of commercial rust removers contain acidic compounds, using which result in breaking down linen fabric and dissolving or bleeding colors. To properly remove the rust off your linen textile, using mild compounds or natural cleaners is the best way to act. Follow these steps to get out most common rust stains in a natural way. Be slow and careful.

Place your linen towel or piece of linen clothing on a flat firm surface that is protected from spills or stains.

Removing rust from linen fabric

Put one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and two tablespoons of sea salt into a small bowl and mix them until you have a paste. It should be the consistency of butter.

Carefully spread the lemon paste onto the rust stain on your linen fabric and let it work for half an hour. If the amount of paste you prepared is not enough to cover the entire stain, mix up some more using the same ratio of salt and lemon juice.

Removing Rust from Linen Fabric

After 30 minutes rinse off the paste from your linen towel or linen garment with cool water. If the stain is still visible, continue to apply the paste until it comes out completely. It will probably require several paste applications before the stain is removed.

If you decide to use any commercial stain remover liquid or paste, test it on some invisible part of your linen fabric (e.g. inner hem of the dress) in order to see how it affects the fabric.