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Save the World, One Tea Towel at a Time

Ok, so maybe the humble tea towel alone can’t reverse global warming, but did you know about the mind-blowing eco-friendly properties of linen?

By buying linen products or fabric you are helping minimise our environmental impact on the planet, whilst also bringing some beauty into your home. Here’s why we think linen is a super-fabric:


Not only does linen keep going longer than other fabrics, it actually gets softer and stronger with each use and wash. How about that for sustainable? Fewer disposable products equals less waste and less need to buy and manufacture replacements. Linen is a proper investment in the future.


You can read about the process of growing flax and turning it into linen products here. Where it gets even more interesting is the fact that linen production uses up to 20% less energy and water than that used in cultivating and processing other fabrics.


Save the world one tea towel at a time

Thanks to its insect repellent properties, linen will keep moths at bay. No more threadbare clothes or sheets, and no need to use insecticides. Be gone, bugs!


Once a linen product has reached the end of its life it will fully biodegrade. This avoids adding to landfill or polluting the soil, and it seems kinda neat that linen comes from the earth and returns to the earth once its finished.

Medical uses

Linen is not only bossing the world of fabric production, is has many other uses. It is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-myotic, and can be therefore be used in the treatment of wounds. It also helps people suffering from excema and other skin conditions.

Along with the fact that linen offers protection from UV rays and that the delicious flax seeds have significant health benefits, you can see why this fabric is such a hero. So, you can fill your home with beauteous linen products safe in the knowledge that your new tea towels/sheets/trousers are playing their part in preserving our planet.

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