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Soft Towels for Winter Skin

Peeling off your winter layers to show some skin sounds like more of a workout than anything cute. So why bother taking care of your skin if no one’s going to see it, right? The saying summer bodies are made in the winter can apply to your skin as well and soft towels will come handy here.

soft towels - Linen Waffle Towels

Post-shower and pre-moisturizing, wrap yourself up in one of LinenMe’s soft towels. The quick absorbing material isn’t rough like traditional towels and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Treat your body after a warm shower or hard workout. LinenMe towels are handmade in Lithuania with high-quality materials that won’t irritate skin.

Linen Soft Towels - LinenMe

Caring for your body during the winter not only makes it look good, but it makes you feel good.

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