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Spin Out the Joys of Summer: 5 Things to do before it’s over

If, like us, you are not quite ready for the Fall yet, here are some ideas to spin out the mellow, sunshine-filled days of summer just a little bit longer.

Go comet-hunting

Comet Hunting - Joys of Summer

Look up! If you can escape light pollution and spend an evening stargazing you might be rewarded with a view of a comet or two. If you don’t spot any of these balls of dust, ice and gas you may see some equally magical shooting stars. Just don’t look away or you’ll miss them. Wrap yourself in a cosy woolen throw, light some candles and bring along a bottle to share as you drink in the beauty of the sky.

Swim wild

Wild Swim - Joys of Summer

There is something special about swimming outdoors, whether you are floating in a secret lake or clocking up laps in your local lido. Let the cool water invigorate and restore you – just make sure you pack a pullover and flask of hot chocolate, as well as your favourite towel to warm you up afterwards. Look out for Wild Swimming groups where you live and take the plunge before it gets too cold!

Cook over a fire

Cook over the fire - Joys of Summer

Recreate the fun of a campfire by lighting up a firepit in your garden or bringing a bucket BBQ to the beach for an evening cook-up. There is something very relaxing about gently turning a toasting haloumi kebab or browning sausage, or stoking the flames with some dry tinder. Food tastes better like this, don’t you think?


Blackberry fruits and blackberry jam - Joys of Summer

There’s a bounty of berries and fruits out there, free for the taking! Walk along a hedgerow or around some brambly wasteland and you’ll spot clouds of plump blackberries, and pass trees laden with ripening pears and apples almost ready for picking. Arm yourself with tupperware and a decent apron (to prevent staining your clothes) and forage yourself a feast. Make homemade chutneys and jellies to preserve the fruit. You can also collect seeds from vegetables and flowers once they have finished, and save them to plant next year. The promise of new life at the end of the coming winter is very reassuring.

Take a hike

Take a hike - Joys of Summer

Sometimes we realise we haven’t really seen places that we pass every day. Take some time out to explore where you live on foot, or find a map and strike out on a hiking adventure. Be curious, let your mind wander, take advantage of not having to be anywhere in particular, and connect to the place where you are walking.

Whatever you choose to do for these last precious weeks of summer, we hope your days are joyful.

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