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Spring Cleaning – the Best Ways to Make Your Place Look Spotless

With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining brighter every day we realize that spring is finally here. For some of us spring might mean travelling, going on holidays or spending more time outside, while for the other ones spring stands for cleaning. There is a reason why spring cleaning is a thing – during spring both the weather and our mood is just perfect for it. With that said, we want to announce the great news – we are here to help you out with the most useful tips and tricks to ease spring cleaning for you.

spring cleaning cloths

  • Started from the bottom…? Nope, that doesn’t really work

Don’t forget – when cleaning your home, always start at the top – begin by dusting off the counters and leave the vacuuming and floor washing for the end. This way you’ll save up some time and energy by not having to vacuum the carpets again after you’re done cleaning off the dust.

  • Don’t wait for a sunny day to clean the windows

When it comes to cleaning windows, choosing a warm and sunny day to do that is not always the smartest choice. On a warm day everything dries pretty quickly, so does your window cleaner. It might dry off before you wipe it away and that might result in you having to do the same job twice.

  • Sort the laundry. Preferably on time

Do you know what is the perfect time to sort your laundry? It’s when you put it into the laundry bag. Having several laundry bags – let’s say one for your white laundry, one for the coloured ones and one for the delicates – can really ease up your life. If you sort your laundry on time, by the time you have to do the washing up all you’ll have to do is just unload you laundry bags into the washing machine.

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