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Stone Washed Bed Linen – What Is It?

Stone washed bed linen is a frequent term among other terms describing quality cotton or linen bed linen. Let’s find our more about this.

Stone washing is a type of garment wash. What is a garment wash? ? Garment wash is a pre-washing of a garment or other textile item after it is produced but prior to using it by the consumers. And there are several types of bed linen garment wash, among which is stone washing.

stonewashed bed linen

To accelerate the garment wash effect and to give textile items an even more unique appearance actual stones are used in the manufacturing process. Hence – stone washing. Bed linen pieces are washed together with natural and man-made stones, such as pumice or volcanic rock in order to produce a worn-out appearance to a newly manufactured cloth.

stonewashed bed linen LinenMe

Linen bed linen is being placed in a large industrial machine washer and filled with large stones. When wash cylinder starts rotating, it causes the bed linen items to be repeatedly pounded and beaten by stones riding up and down inside the drum. This way the stones abrade the fabric and we get that slightly worn-out, comfy and beautiful linen pillow cover or linen duvet cover or a bed sheet.

Apart from the looks stonewashing also increases the softness and flexibility of the rigid fabric via softening the pure linen fabric and loosening the weave. The result is a slightly faded fabric color with a vintage feel. Stone washed bed linen has a more casual and comfortable look, which is really appreciated by the consumers.

Stone washed bed linen is considered to be luxurious.

stone washed bed linen LinenMe

The care is very easy as stone washed linen can be machine washed, tumble dried and no ironing is needed – natural crumples only add to the beauty and comfort.

It not only bed linen could be made from stone washed linen fabric, there can also be stone washed linen tablecloths, linen napkins, linen towels etc.

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