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A Simple Path: with designer Marianne Vigtel Holland

We are so excited to be joined on A Simple Path this month by designer Marianne Vigtel Holland. We came across Marianne’s beautiful images on Instagram and were immediately captivated by the way she captures the beauty in everyday things, and how she uses texture and light in her interior styling. We thought you’d love to hear more about her work, and her thoughts on the importance of using natural materials – like mineral paints that are not only environmentally friendly they also create a unique sense of tranquility, and the many ways she uses linen fabric. Marianne refers to her work as ‘slow design’, which makes it a perfect fit with our slow living ethos here at Linenbeauty.

Read on to hear more about finding the poetry and beauty in the things we surround ourselves with, and how to go with the flow.

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The Gorgeous Homes and Interiors Magazines Edit

We at Linenbeauty know that you care about your home. You want great quality furnishings and fittings that will stand the test of time, not following fleeting fads. You love the look and feel of linen and natural fabrics, the sense of calm created by clear uncluttered spaces and you understand the impact that our surroundings has on our wellbeing. But you also know it’s not always possible to live in an immaculate house, that life does come with inevitable clobber and that striving for perfection is not necessarily a good idea. Which is where a bit of magazine escapism comes in.

We love to curl up of an evening with some glossy magazines and a pot of tea and imagine ourselves into another world. Interiors magazines are good sources of ideas, as well as a fun way to nose about in other people’s spaces. Sure, browsing online is fun and handy, but there’s something far more pleasurable about print copies – the smell of the ink, the vividness of the images, the fact that you can stash them in your bag or read them in the bath. Reading print versions is also a chance to give yourself time away from screens, from the distractions of Pinterest rabbit holes and social media notifications. Making time in your day or weekend for some quiet reading is a proper treat.

So, pull up a comfy chair, light a candle and nestle down with a cosy blanket and a pile of fabulous magazines. Here’s our edit of the best independent homes and interiors magazines.

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