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Accentuate Your Bathroom with Towels Sets

We often see a towel as a simple piece of cloth. Nevertheless, it is hardly imaginable to spend even one single day without one. We would instantly notice its absence and feel uncomfortable. The simple function of a towel is in high demand all over the house. That’s why every household is packed with towels – may it be bathroom sheets, guest & hand towels, tea towels, baby towels or decorative embroidered towels. We use towels lots of times each day as we take a shower, wash hands or do our chores in a kitchen. All this means towels are among the most essential items in our households and purchasing towels sets is often a practical and clever decision.

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It is a wise decision as you can save some money when buying towels set instead of individual towels. Moreover, choosing several matching towels and using them in your bathroom can create a uniform look complimenting the interior décor of your bathroom.

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Meet Huckaback Linen Towels

Pure linen towels are considered a premium type of all bath towels. Why is that? Let’s get acquainted with huckaback linen towels which are the most popular choice.

The term huckaback means a special coarse weave of linen fabric (and cotton as well). It is employed mostly in the production of cloth towels (e.g. bath towels, kitchen towels). The relatively loose and uneven weave gives a special texture which results in a highly absorbent linen bath towel. This uneven surface has also micro-massaging effect for the skin. The origins huckaback weave can be traced back to the ancient textile traditions of Germany and Scandinavia.

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Nowadays nearly every pure linen towel is produced using huckaback weave, because it proved to give a towel many qualities a functional piece of bathroom linen should have. Here are some of those features for you to judge: Read More


Everlasting Beauty of Linen Bath Towels

What do you think of aesthetics of bathroom linen? Is this important to you – the interior of your bathroom and those mundane things you use there? Well, it should be :). We spend our most precious moments there – after waking up and preparing ourselves for the new day full of possibilities and beautiful moments and while getting ready to rest after hectic and challenging busy hours. Linen bath towels, all those jars of cosmetics and everyday accessories in a bathroom are those things that say Good morning and Good night to us, so why not to make them nice and beautiful?

Linen Bath Towels

Linen towels are naturally beautiful as beautiful is the fabric itself. But what happens when endless possibilities of modern dying technologies are employed? Read More