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Accentuate Your Bathroom with Towels Sets

We often see a towel as a simple piece of cloth. Nevertheless, it is hardly imaginable to spend even one single day without one. We would instantly notice its absence and feel uncomfortable. The simple function of a towel is in high demand all over the house. That’s why every household is packed with towels – may it be bathroom sheets, guest & hand towels, tea towels, baby towels or decorative embroidered towels. We use towels lots of times each day as we take a shower, wash hands or do our chores in a kitchen. All this means towels are among the most essential items in our households and purchasing towels sets is often a practical and clever decision.

Linen Towel Sets - LinenMe

It is a wise decision as you can save some money when buying towels set instead of individual towels. Moreover, choosing several matching towels and using them in your bathroom can create a uniform look complimenting the interior décor of your bathroom.

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Lithuanian linen, a perfect Christmas gift

LinenMe Christmas - Lithuanian Linen

LinenMe – supplier of high quality 100% linen home textiles, took part in this year’s Spirit of Christmas Fair, held in London’s Kensington Olympia. For five days visitors had a chance to explore the vast range of linen napkins, tablecloths, cushion covers and handmade linen brooches, as well as have a chat with the people behind the LinenMe brand. It turns out not many visitors imagined where LinenMe products are made.

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