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5 Delicious Recipes for the Best Summer BBQ

One of the joys of this glorious summer weather is eating outdoors. And there’s nothing quite like getting friends and family together for a BBQ, whether in the garden or on the beach. If you’re planning a gathering and are bored with the usual sausages and potato salads, we’ve got 5 delicious recipes for a winning BBQ.

summer bbq recipes

Need some culinary inspiration? Tie on your apron, and get those coals fired up.

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Let’s Get Organised for Summer!

Isn’t this time of year crazy busy? There’s all the end-of-term stuff if you have children: sports days, moving on workshops, visits to colleges, exams, revision, sports team parties. If you work you can feel like you have to get everything in order before people disappear for the summer, of before you take a vacation. And if, like us, you are experiencing soaring temperatures it’s hard to get much done without wilting. Not that we’re complaining. Summer is grand and the long days mean there’s more time for being outside. It’s just that July seems frantic. So, we thought we’d look up some of the best personal organisers and diaries to help stay on top of things.

Getting organised needn’t be boring or rigid. In fact, like Mrs Miniver standing in front of a shelf of diaries, prepare to enjoy yourself. There’s something very reassuring about opening up the clean, blank pages of a diary or planner. It feels like things can be rationalised and clear, rather than just stumbling from one event to the next. As well as the inside pages, the cover and look of your organiser is important. It will be in your purse, on your kitchen table or by your side on your desk most of the time, so choose something you love to look at too. Chose carefully so that you really use it.

slow living journal

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How to Have a Slow Living Summer

With summer fast approaching it can be tempting to wish away the time between now and your vacation or the start of the school holidays. When you work hard and have a busy life it’s natural to yearn for a chance to slow down and take a proper break. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days, building in moments of calm and restorative peace wherever you are. Here are 6 tips for a slow living summer that will ensure you are ready to catch any chance to switch off and unwind, even in the midst of the hurly burly of everyday life.

At work or play, these are 6 simple ways to boost your wellbeing and start enjoying the whole of the summer, instead of counting down the days until your vacation.

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6 Everyday Clothes We Can’t Live Without

Are there certain things in your wardrobe that you find yourself reaching for over again? Clothes that either look great or make you feel great, or if you are lucky, both? We’ve written before about cultivating a capsule wardrobe, getting rid of things that you never wear and instead creating a small collection of pieces that work well together for work and for play. But even with a pared-back amount of clothes there are still some trusty everyday clothes (and accessories) that we just keep coming back to.

Here’s what we love wearing, on rotation, pretty much most of the time:

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Summertime with LinenMe

During the summer, it doesn’t get much better than barbecue, family and a waterside or backyard party. This year while searching for the perfect table linens and towels for your summertime celebrations, look no further than LinenMe. The Lithuanian-based linen company offers an array of classic laid back summer colors and patterns that mix and match beautifully.

Linen Placemats - LinenMe

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