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Take a Staycation

Instead of buying a plane ticket, packing, dealing with delays and the hotel losing your reservation, plan the ultimate staycation. From better-than hotel bedding to luxury towels, LinenMe can turn your home into a lavish vacation spot. Here are a few tips:

Linen Bed Linen - StaycationLinen Towels for Staycation

1. Remove all of the clutter. Clean up the kids toys, put away all of the dishes, get the toothpaste off of the bathroom mirror and make the house sparkle.

2. Toss your current sheets and towels into the wash. Replace with light, bright sets such as the Rosa Stone Washed bedding set and Tuscany Linen bath towel set.

3. Buy candles in scents like fresh, linen or lavender.

4. Put down the technology and indulge in a book you’ve been dying to read.
Having the ultimate vacation doesn’t mean you need to leave your house!

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