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The Latest Craze in Home Décor

Fashion is a thing that keeps changing constantly. It also can surprise us, astonish us, and even make us feel nauseous. When we speak about fashion we cannot concentrate into the fashion of clothes, because it cover plenty of things, from car design to home décor. Today we would like to introduce you a new trend in home décor – bed sheets that look like food.

pizza bed

This new craze began when several celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lady Charteris posted pictures of their bed linen online. When you have got so many fans there is no doubt that some of them are going to follow each of your steps, but probably none of these celebrities thought that they will start all this craze about food decorated bedding.

From peperoni pizza to broccoli, doughnuts and mushrooms, you can get any of these online. While some people might not enjoy decorating their home with a mushroom or kiwi cushion or a baked potato beanbag, others consider this new craze the greatest thing that happened in the history of home décor. It is up to you to decide – are you rugged enough for a pepperoni pizza duvet or a hamburger pillow?

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