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Things You Need for a Great Barbeque Evening

With spring approaching faster and faster every day most of us start thinking about relaxing in the rooftop gardens, cycling around the city and late afternoon barbeques in the garden. When the burgers and hot dogs are ready, remember to think about several more things that you’ll need to make your barbeque evening just perfect.


  • A DIY bean bag couch

Don’t even try to deny it – a bean bag sofa is not only every gamer’s dream. A large baggy sofa filler with beans is extremely comfortable to sit on and looks stylish as well. And the best thing is – you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one for yourself. These days the internet is full of tutorials on how to make yourself a DIY bean bags, and our friends at offer a great one for making a bean bag couch.

Linen bath Robe - LinenMe

  • A linen gown

The most comfortable piece of clothing that you can think of for relaxing outside in your garden is a lightweight linen gown. It gives you the freedom of movement and yet keeps you cosy and comfortable.

Merino Wool Throws - Barbeque evening

A wool throw is the best accessory that any home can have. Great for a lot of things such as travelling and picnics a wool throw will keep you warm on those chilly afternoons that you are planning on spending outside. Cuddle into a warm merino wool throw and get your grilling mood on!

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