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Three Ways to Use Excess Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is probably one of the best materials that ever existed. It is not only lightweight and can be dyed in various colours, but also very thin, highly absorbent and easy to take care of. Crisp and durable, linen fulfils the modern yearning for a more natural type of luxury. Setting aside linen towels, table linen, bed linen and other usual ways of using the fabric, there are more ways to use linen fabric if you have bought more than you need.

Linen wall art

Use of excess linen fabric - wall art

If you are an art lover or even an artistic person that enjoys painting, one of the best ways to use a piece of linen fabric is to make yourself a piece of art that you can hang on the wall. This way you will use your excess linen fabric and also decorate your home with a piece of art that you have made yourself. Creating wall art yourself gives you the ability to paint whatever you want, you can match the style of the painting to your room and it will not cost you a fortune.

DIY curtains

Use of excess linen fabric - linen curtains

When you have more than enough fabric and you have no idea what to do with it, one of the easiest and greatest ways to use it is to make yourself a pair of linen night curtains. Curtains are mainly used for the purpose of preventing heat and sunlight from entering the rooms, but they can also be a great room decoration. When making ones yourself you can choose whatever colour or design you prefer.

Handmade linen shopping bag

use of excess linen fabric - linen bag

A linen shopping bag is really easy to make, you can actually make one without a sewing machine. All you need is some linen fabric, a pair of scissors, a measuring tape and a needle with some thread. You can choose the design that you love, dye the bag in your favourite colour or even add some appliques. There is no need to spend loads of money on your dream bag when you can make one yourself out of excess linen fabric.

For more ideas how you could get crafty with linen read this article.

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