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Upholstery Linen Fabric for Your Comfortable and Beautiful Furniture

Lots of people know how versatile and widely used linen fabric is: there are linen clothes, linen kitchen linen, linen bedlinen, linen scarves, and even linen shoes. But only few are aware of linen upholstery fabric. Yes, linen is used for upholstery! Read on and find out why linen upholstery fabrics makes more sense than almost any other fabric.

Upholstery linen fabrics

1. Linen fabric is very strong and this makes it extremely durable. Your furniture covered with linen will not show any signs of wear for a long time.

2. Upholstery linen fabric is naturally antistatic. Man-made fabrics are known for being dust magnets when they are used more often. Having your chair or sofa covered with linen means more comfort and less care – only brush or vacuum clean it from time to time.

Upholstery linen fabrics

3. Linen fabric resists stains easily – you will maintain the original, beautiful appearance much easier. If more serious stains appear, spot clean them with water or glycerin. It is also possible to machine wash or dry clean your linen upholstery if the covers are removable.

4. Linen fabric has this good looks and luxurious appearance which adds to stylish atmosphere in your room.

Upholstery linen fabric - ideas

The last but not least – linen upholstery fabric is the best choice for those caring for man impact on environment. Synthetic fabrics are made of petroleum products with a process that is harmful for environment. Cotton, although a natural product, is grown with a help of large amounts of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides which cause pollution of underground waters, rivers and lakes. Linen fabric though is produced of flax plant which requires much less intensive farming and much less of fertilizers than cotton does. It is also far less processing involved in producing linen fabric from a flax plant.

All these properties combined make upholstery linen fabrics the best option for anyone looking for durable, comfortable, beautiful and eco-friendly covers for their furniture!

Read some tips on choosing your upholstery fabric here.

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