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Why Buy Pure Linen Bed Linen?

Since linen fabric is my work as well as a passion, my friends and acquaintances often call me a “linen expert” 🙂 and ask me lots of challenging questions. The most common one is about the benefits of linen bedding. Ok, they say, I can see in your shop – linen bed linen is gorgeous, but why on earth I should buy them except for the beauty? And I of course have a list of reasons at hand 🙂

linen bedding LinenMe

Should similar question arise to you, too, read on to find out 8 reasons to love pure linen bed sheets.

First of all, linen bed linen benefits your health:

  1. Linen fabric has a light massaging effect as there are tiny breaks in the fabric that stimulate blood flow and promote relaxation.
  2. It has an antibacterial quality – can suppress bacteria, fungi and micro flora. And also is anti allergic.
  3. Al linen is a breathable fabric; bed linen sheets made from it are warm in the winter and insulating and cool in the summer.
  4. Lying between linen bed sheets means no sweating – linen fabric absorbs superfluous moisture very well.
  5. With each wash linen sheets get softer and smoother and therefore even more pleasant to skin.

linen bed linen LinenMe

Secondly, linen bedding is an investment:

6. It is strong and durable fabric and will last for many years – up to 20!

And last but not the least –

7. It’s such a pleasure to slip between the pure linen sheets after a hectic day to feel this quality fabric against the skin and relax between sheets that are of the right temperature you need. This feeling of luxurious rest is just heavenly!

linen bed linen

I do not mention linen bedding colors and designs that are possible nowadays thanks to contemporary technologies. This you can see by yourself. I just want to say that the combination of all these benefits make a product that is irresistible and addictive as soon as you try one. I always suggest my clients who are still not sure, to purchase at least some pillow cases and give it a try. Now, I am sure of their conclusions 😉

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